Tuesday, January 1, 2013

What is 300 Days Of Rice?

As I've been chronicalling (is that even a word?) my rice-laden meals on Facebook/Twitter and was asked, "What is 300 days of rice?" and "Are you blogging it or something?". It was patently obvious to me what I was doing, but apparently my hashtag "300DaysOfRice" didn't have the same sort of meaning for everyone else out in the ether.

On January 1st, most people make resolutions. I don't. I find them to be a total waste of my emotional energy because eventually the will be broken. But I did want to try an experiment this year. A lot of my friends participated in "Project365" wherein one takes a photograph every day and blogs/tweets/ status updates it. I failed miserably at that in 2012. I wanted to do something, I just didn't want to make a commitment to a whole YEAR of something.

My ADD makes it hard to remember to eat some days. But I do eat at least one meal per day. I can remember that! And because I have gluten intolerance and have been gluten-free for going on 3 years, I figured, "Hey! Why not blog about my food?" Since I'm GF, rice makes up the staple grain in my diet. And since my Better Half is Asian, we already ate a lot of rice to begin with.

Many people don't realize how versatile rice is and so #300DaysOfRice was born. My culinary journey with 300 days with rice in them. It might be in a form you aren't used to seeing, but it will definitely be rice.

Dig in and enjoy!

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