Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 5

Day 5: Singapore Chow May Fun
Also known as "Singapore rice noodles", this is one of our favorite take out dishes. It is on the spicy side and has curry in it. The protein sources are pork, shrimp, fried egg, and chicken. There are green onions, chilis and assorted vegetables sliced thinly and tossed together in a wok. I'm not sure exactly HOW this is made, but it's VERY good.

The bonus is that the take out place is on my Better Half's way home from work, so if things have imploded at home, I can text him to pick up Chinese for dinner. Winning! The only down side to this dish is that there isn't enough of it. Time used to be that between him and me, we could eat one take out container of this and still have some left over. Turns out that our middle child (she of the buffalo wings at 2 years old) likes the spicy nature of this dish as much as we do. So we have to share.

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