Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 4

Day 4: Cilantro lime rice w/fajita chicken, refritos, broccoli
We like to go to Chipotle for a treat and we all LOVE the cilantro lime rice. I didn't bother to Google the recipe for it, I just grabbed a wad of cilantro, washed it, patted it dry and then chopped the heck out of it and tossed it in the rice cooker with the rice and water. I also squeezed about a half a lime into the water and swished everything together to make the flavors mingle. Mash "White Rice" on the front and wait for the beep!

Our rice cooker is from Costco. It's not one of the super-duper Japanese rice cookers that do your homework, massage your scalp and bake bread while singing "O Solo Mio". We used to use a tiny 4 cup rice cooker before our kids got bigger. Once we had three kids and were having family over for dinner, 4 cups was NOT enough. So we opted for the budget friendly Aroma brand. The link will tell you it's a 4-20 cup rice cooker. It isn't. Unless you're using the "new math". It will, however,  cook 2-10 cups perfectly EVERY time. I am not being paid by Aroma to shill their rice cooker. I promise. I'm just telling you what we own.

Not fancy, but it works!

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