Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 6

Day 6: Corned beef & havarti sandwich for lunch

Bet you didn't expect to see bread here! As a GF person, my breads have to be made with alternative flours. Rice flour is a biggie. This bread is from Rudi's (not Udi's!) and is amazing IF you toast it first. If you don't toast GF bread before trying to eat it, it crumbles into what I can only describe as resembling papier mache fuzz. Totally not tasty.

I've tried a lot of different GF breads. Let's just say that I like this one the best and leave it at that! They even make Cinnamon Raisin (my favorite!). There is nothing like a bacon, egg & cheese with mayo on raisin toast from Waffle House. That was my "after-clubbing" meal when I was a much younger person and there was actually a Waffle House on every corner. I can't wait to make myself one. MMMMM Raisin Toast!

Not every GF bread is made with rice flour, so I won't be including that in our gluten-free gastronomic journey. If I do post a meal with bread, it's rice-based.

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