Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 2

Day 2: Same as Day 1 with chili sauce
Second verse, same as the first! Okay, now you know I REALLY like this dish. I repeated it the very next day. I told you it was comfort food. This time I made a little change to the recipe. With comedic results.

Since the previous night's dinner was NOT ENOUGH!, I decided to make more... and since we ran out of water, I decided to up the amount of water. It's a 10 cup rice cooker, after all... The base recipe for the soup was identical to the previous evening's and I mashed "White Rice" on the front of the cooker and went on my merry way until there were about 12 minutes left on the cook cycle. I went to check on the soup and...

There was a MESS all over my glass top stove. This was one night I was GLAD that my stove is a solid surface. The rice cooker had overboiled (takes talent, I know!) and there was sticky rice water EVERYWHERE. But the soup was A-OK! I would've cried if it had been ruined because I wanted MORE SOUP!

Despite the minor mishap, the soup was delicious and my Better Half and I both ate about 2.5 bowls each. There is still leftover soup in the fridge (probably should toss it by now...)

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